Monday, February 21, 2005


As mentioned in my profile, my family and I moved here to Montreal from Chicago in June 2003. The goal of this blog is to find others who have moved here from other places, be it from Chicago, the Midwest, the States, or elsewhere. Then to share your thoughts about the life and culture of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.

Over the past year and a half I have been pleasantly surprised by many aspects of life here. At times it shows the influence of American culture, sometimes French, and most interestingly it's own. The fact that it is partially separated by language (and government controls) seems to have kept it partly isolated from the rest of North America while still profitting from the US and Canadian economy. It has a provincial identity, isolation, and culture that no other state or province seems to have. I am more used to identities breaking down to city then country without a real regional identity. There is one for people who live in Illinois or the Midwest, but it is not as strong or separated.

I hope this can start some sort of dialogue with others out there. Please send a word if you find the page and find it interesting. I hope to post many more thoughts on life here in the near future.

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