Friday, January 06, 2006

On the Metroblog

I wrote a post for the Metroblog a couple days ago about a new building in downtown Montreal. Here's the link.


Anonymous said...

I love how this building looks like a cpu at one end with the rest of the building as its heatsink. That's how folks on Star Trek designed "high tech" items from the future too. -"Hey look it's a tacky gold plastic 'pony mane' hair clip... No no, turn it sideways and it's Geordi La Forge's visor!"

Unknown said...

I don't see it as that literal of a comparison. Have you seen it in person? I'm guilty of reporting on it without critically looking at it in person.

I wonder if Lamar Burton spent his day acting with the smell of a little girls head following him around.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's probably not an intentional literal interpretation, it's just what I see when I look at it. I saw the building a few months ago. It screams "lookit me, I'm new!"... a little too "new" looking if you ask me. I've always considered it the height of rudeness to design buildings that selfishly refuse to harmonize with surrounding structures and environment.

Yeah the smell of little girl's head grease and Johnson & Johnson's 'No More Tears' shampoo. (lol)

Unknown said...

Umm... Wait til you see the next post. I'd be very interested to hear your honest opinion on that. Disregard my pride, I've heard greatly varying opinions.

I'm a fan of the new modern or as Wikipedia calls it critical regionalism. At least when it is done correctly and in correct relation to it's context. Many times it is very subjective whether a building is in harmony with the surroundings. The pyramid at the Louvre is an excellent example. Some people thinks it works great, others think it's a 'scar on the face of Paris'.